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River Health and Wellness
River Health and Wellness

Weight Management

River Health and Wellness offers personalized weight management services.

  • Obesity is a chronic health disease and is not a personal choice
  • There are many factors that influence weight including family history (genetics), certain medications, and other health conditions
  • Weight management is not a one-size fits all approach
  • We will work with you to develop and design a personalized weight management plan

If you are interested in exploring options available through River Health and Wellness please complete our weight management intake program below. This will allow you to explore your available coverage and help us match you with the most appropriate provider to fit your individual needs.

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The patient portal can be utilized to book follow-up appointments, lab draws, vaccines or injections of your personally supplied medication, annual exams and urgent care visits for established patients. You are also welcome to call the office and speak with someone directly to make an appointment.

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